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 Labrador Retriever Puppy Store, is a responsible and ethical Family breeder who is devoted to the betterment and improvement of the puppies breed and purebred dog ownership. There has been a great deal of effort in the past to maintain the health of these dogs. However, there are still concerns within the breed that can be improved. Our mission is to produce happy and healthy puppies that make great family companions. We strive to produce purebred, healthy show quality and family oriented Puppies.
Our puppies are raised by and with our family. We strive to produce healthy puppies for well deserved and approved families. We are on a never-ending quest to improve our bloodlines and the breed. We want to provide that Top-Notch quality Puppies that you deserve. Our team has truly dedicated their lives to improving and breeding high quality puppies.
We are very concerned about the type of homes our puppies will be going to as they are our major concern. Breeding these amazing puppies isn’t just for the profit as we refuse to give our puppies out to middle men (brokers) or unskilled or wanna be breeders. Our puppies are meant to go to great families willing to share their space and hearts with our babies and we find so much joy in reading the testimonials of satisfied clients. Knowing our clients are satisfied that our puppies meet or exceed their expectations is ecstatic, a feeling we can only describe as fulfilment as our clients satisfaction is second only to breeding healthy puppies on our list of priorities.


Being very attached to our puppies makes raising them so much fun but makes finding the right home for them very difficult as we are very careful not to let them fall into the wrong hands. We understand that getting a new puppy as an addition to your family is a huge decision and step, while you go through our website and decide which of our puppies you would like to re-home, we would ask that you do research on the breed just so you are fully aware of the position you will be assuming. You should be fully aware that they will need your care and protection. We take great pride in what we do, and we have worked very hard to raise only the top-notch pups possible. Potential buyers need to realize the responsibility of caring for a pup involves providing a safe, clean, healthy and loving home. Each pup needs to be fed a proper diet and needs to be held and played with daily.
Our Pedigrees are Positively Impressive but the real difference is the way we raise them! Each one of our puppies are hand delivered (we assist with every birth) and monitore to guarantee correct weight gain, calcium levels, health and well being. In doing so, we make it a point to sleep next to each new litter of babies after they are born.
Our adults and puppies are given the best food…. even ground turkey or beef for added protein, water (reverse osmosis or filtered), vitamins, calcium and the finest veterinarian care available. No expense is spared for proper prenatal care, stud care, nutrition and over all health! In addition, our puppies receive regular nail trimmings, have their ears cleaned and bathed.

We offer a two year written Health Guarantee as well as a complete health record. All of our puppies are veterinarian checked, receive a regular worming, and are up to date on their immunizations.

When you adopt one of our beautiful puppies, you are adopting from a breeder who looks forward to a relationship with you for many years to come. We want you to always feel comfortable approaching us with any questions you might have during the adoption process and beyond. It is our goal to make this the best experience you could have when it comes to puppy adoption! If you have any questions or if you would like to discuss adopting a puppy from us then just get in touch with us anytime.

Email : info@labradorretrieverpuppiesonline.com

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